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Mental Health News
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How to deal with difficult family members during the holidaysOpen in a New Window

Deflect personal questions and avoid political debates.


HIV diagnoses improving, but progress variesOpen in a New Window

Delays in the time between becoming infected with HIV and getting a diagnosis are shortening.


How to talk to kids about sexual harassmentOpen in a New Window

Parents are using high-profile cases of sexual harassment as teachable moments.


How marriage might be linked to lower dementia riskOpen in a New Window

Study reveals that lifelong single people have 42% higher dementia risk than married people.


How you think about sleep might impact your healthOpen in a New Window

Being stressed about not sleeping can lead to even more health problems, a new study has found.


Adult siblings can make our lives healthier and happierOpen in a New Window

The adult sibling relationship has only sporadically been the subject of attention.


Cancer survivors often living with PTSDOpen in a New Window

Cancer patients may experience post-traumatic stress disorder after their tumors are diagnosed, and mental health issues can linger for years.


How to keep holiday-induced stress under controlOpen in a New Window

To overcome holiday anxiety, you must be aware that you’re stressed in the first place.


How not to talk to a child who is overweightOpen in a New Window

Professionals suggest using words that put the person before the condition, as in, “a child with excess weight” rather than an overweight or obese child.


Thanksgiving, eating disorders and why we should stop obsessing about food on the holidaysOpen in a New Window

Holidays can be a precarious time for anyone with an eating disorder.


Want to live longer? Get a dogOpen in a New Window

Dog ownership is associated with a reduced risk for cardiovascular disease and death.


For teens, depression can worsen this time of yearOpen in a New Window

Teens with family dysfunction or those without supportive social circle can feel even more isolated during the holidays.


Young men, frequent drivers most likely to get distracted while drivingOpen in a New Window

Research shows distracted driving is a growing problem, with personality and gender playing a role.


Simple blood tests may soon be able to deliver news about your cognitive healthOpen in a New Window

Blood tests could reveal thousands — even millions — of people who are now living with a “pre-Alzheimer’s” condition.


Indulgent grandparents could be bad for kids' healthOpen in a New Window

New research suggests such indulgent behavior can have long-term consequences.


What is sex addiction?Open in a New Window

Some experts don’t believe sex addiction exists in the same way as other addictions.


Brain scientists look beyond opioids to conquer painOpen in a New Window

Brain scientists have become increasingly interested in pain and addiction as opioid use has increased.


How to resist technology addictionOpen in a New Window

Putting some pause between thoughts and actions will help you resist urges.


Enhancing mental health support for veterans through technologyOpen in a New Window

National Geographic launches a voice meditation app for the veteran community.


More African American kids are dying by suicideOpen in a New Window

Nonprofit works to end the stigma of depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders in teens and young adults of color.


Why making a lot of money won’t necessarily make you happyOpen in a New Window

Study shows your happiness and satisfaction levels won't noticeably increase once your salary passes a certain point.


Preventing sexual harassment needs to start in early childhoodOpen in a New Window

Parents are an important part of teaching positive attitudes and skills for healthy relationships.


Can brain scans predict suicidal tendencies?Open in a New Window

Research shows that scans may be able to identify when people are having suicidal thoughts.