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Mental Health News
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Teenagers' spending habits revealedOpen in a New Window

Girls start spending more than boys as they enter their teens and discover more expensive shampoo and make-up.


Could the future of mental health treatment be digital?Open in a New Window

Professionals gather to rethink the world’s approach to treating mental illness.


High blood sugar levels tied to memory declineOpen in a New Window

Long-term study finds increasing blood sugar levels are associated with cognitive decline.


Religious leaders challenge silence, isolation surrounding suicideOpen in a New Window

Researchers say talking about suicide may be the best hope for stopping it.


Acne can increase the risk of depressionOpen in a New Window

Research shows people are more at risk during the first years after the condition appears.


Being outdoors may change the way your brain worksOpen in a New Window

Psychologists found that being outside could actually alter the way your brain works in some unexpected ways.


Why losing weight has nothing to do with your self-esteemOpen in a New Window

The weight-loss problem occurs when there is leptin resistance, the hormone that tells us we’re full and to stop eating.


Veterans aren't always getting mental care they urgently needOpen in a New Window

A review of veteran care finds "world class" mental care, but veterans have a hard time accessing it.


'Mean girls': How to help your daughter from becoming oneOpen in a New Window

Girls need to learn that they have voices, that their voices are stronger together, and that their thoughts and ideas matter.


Biggest study ever of teen brains to reveal how screen time affects kidsOpen in a New Window

A revolutionary new study hopes to find out how kids’ minds are shaped during this crucial and turbulent stage of life.


A look at how anxiety affects African-AmericansOpen in a New Window

Mental health experts say resources and awareness are still lacking for disorders such as anxiety in African-Americans.


Taking playtime seriouslyOpen in a New Window

Experts say play is intrinsic to children's natures, but still needs support and attention from adults.


One cigarette a day 'increases heart disease and stroke risk'Open in a New Window

Smokers need to quit cigarettes rather than cut back on them to significantly lower their risk of heart disease and stroke.


Smokers think health effects are farther off than they may beOpen in a New Window

Researchers found that compared with nonsmokers, those who smoke generally believe that any health problems would strike later in life.


Philadelphia aims to be first US city to host safe injection sitesOpen in a New Window

Philadelphia wants to become the first U.S. city to permit medically supervised drug injection sites as a way to combat the opioid epidemic.


Agencies target 'illegal, unapproved' products that claim to treat opioid addictionOpen in a New Window

Federal regulators are cracking down on those selling products that “illegally” claim to treat or cure opioid addiction and withdrawal.


Less smartphone time equals happier teenagerOpen in a New Window

Teens who spent more time on social media, were less happy, less satisfied with their lives and had lower self-esteem.


How to match your workout to your personality typeOpen in a New Window

How you choose to exercise says a lot about who you are, study says.