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Mental Health News
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Poll says seniors are still sexy after all these yearsOpen in a New Window

The stereotype that older people are largely asexual is false, according to findings from the recent National Poll on Aging.


These lights are like a mood ring for your roomOpen in a New Window

Lights shifting between different shades of white deliver optimal brightness and color temperature at different times of day.


Hi-tech pill bottle may reduce opioid abuseOpen in a New Window

A pill dispenser, regulated via timer, could stop opioid addiction before it starts.


Is sex addiction a real condition?Open in a New Window

Sex addiction is currently not a clinical diagnosis, which means we don't have official figures on how many people have sought help for related concerns through the NHS.


Even a little exercise might make us happierOpen in a New Window

People who work out even once a week or for as little as 10 minutes a day tend to be more cheerful than those who never exercise.


Suicide is a leading cause of death for new moms but awareness is lowOpen in a New Window

Too many American moms don’t have access to, or education about, the mental health treatment they might need.


Social media addiction: Teens leave rehab with a sense of "power"Open in a New Window

Teens who spend more time on social media are more likely to report mental health issues.


Dementia risk linked to some medicinesOpen in a New Window

A study links the long-term use of some drugs with a higher risk of dementia.


Autism prevalence increasesOpen in a New Window

The CDC estimate of increase is based on calculations on 11 communities across the nation.


Loneliness can make you sickOpen in a New Window

People who were lonely after losing a spouse felt better if they volunteered two hours or more a week.


The disparities in how black and white men die in gun violenceOpen in a New Window

Black and white men in the US face different rates of firearm homicide and suicide.


Change your personality later in life?Open in a New Window

Experts talk about the resilience of people as they age, and how radical change can be achieved.


When teens cyberbully themselvesOpen in a New Window

Teens are bullying themselves online as a way to manage feelings of sadness and self-hatred.


What #MeToo means to teenagersOpen in a New Window

Children and adolescents who engage in sexual harassment, bullying and abuse can also leave their victims with deep, lasting scars.


401(k) success depends more about "mind-set" than size of paycheckOpen in a New Window

How your brain is wired, or miswired, when it comes to money is a major obstacle.


What the Starbucks incident says about implicit biasOpen in a New Window

Implicit bias causes some groups to receive undeserved suspicion while other groups are presumed innocent.