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Mental Health News
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I didn't bond with my baby right away — and that's OKOpen in a New Window

The first weeks of motherhood aren’t one size fits all.


Why you can look forward to being happier in old ageOpen in a New Window

Research shows that old age is more often defined by peace, gratitude and fulfillment.


Why you should stop yelling at your kidsOpen in a New Window

Study shows that yelling produces results similar to physical punishment in children.


How power changes the CEO brainOpen in a New Window

People who are primed to feel powerful may become less likely to see things from others' perspectives.


Talking about depression can be hard for Asian AmericansOpen in a New Window

Experts said isolation, social pressure, and war trauma can contribute to depression.


'Conversion therapy' hits the big screen while laws play out in statesOpen in a New Window

A number of states are considering legislation to stop such therapy practices.


10% of US children diagnosed with ADHDOpen in a New Window

Research shows the increase in diagnoses is most pronounced in girls and minority groups.


With stroke comes higher dementia riskOpen in a New Window

Study does not prove that strokes cause dementia, but reveals the strongest evidence to date of a link between the two.


Black patients prescribed opioids are more likely to be tested for illicit drugsOpen in a New Window

Study found disparities in how white and black patients prescribed opioids for chronic pain are treated.


When heavy rain falls, anxiety returns for many survivors of Hurricane HarveyOpen in a New Window

The trauma has lingered, with reports of increased anxiety, depression and feelings of hopelessness a year later.


Eye exam may predict Alzheimer’sOpen in a New Window

Earlier detection may make it possible for drug or lifestyle interventions that may stave off the disease.