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Mental Health News
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Family caregivers exchange tips, share stories to ease Alzheimer's lossesOpen in a New Window

The number of Americans afflicted with Alzheimer's disease continues to swell.


Fourth of July fireworks trigger PTSD symptoms in veteransOpen in a New Window

The sounds of fireworks can transport service men and women back to the battlefield.


Chronic pain patients, overlooked in opioid crisis, getting new attention from top at FDAOpen in a New Window

The Food and Drug Administration is working to address how the opioid epidemic response has affected chronic pain patients, who often can't get relief.


Could psychedelics transform mental health?Open in a New Window

Scientists are looking at whether mind-altering drugs have the potential to be mind-healing.


VA suicide data shows vets still desperately strugglingOpen in a New Window

The suicide rate among vets has not improved and remains a deeply disturbing problem.


Herpes virus may play role in Alzheimer'sOpen in a New Window

Researchers saw double the concentration of herpes virus in the brains of people who had Alzheimer's.


Night owls may have higher depression riskOpen in a New Window

Study finds morning people were less likely to develop depression than night owls.


Running (or walking briskly) away from addictionOpen in a New Window

Research shows that exercise can be beneficial for overcoming addiction to a variety of substances.


Severe shortage of mental health professionals in rural areasOpen in a New Window

Poor mental health care access is a serious issue that overlaps with other public health crises like drug abuse and suicide.


Opioid addiction affecting more seniors in recent yearsOpen in a New Window

People over 50 are more likely to get access to prescription painkillers.


Rebel developers are trying to cure our smartphone addictionOpen in a New Window

Digital wellness apps are being developed to help put users back in control.


California reinstates controversial right-to-die lawOpen in a New Window

Reinstatement is likely to deepen the divisions between advocates and opponents of the controversial practice.


Kids can suffer permanent damage from border separationsOpen in a New Window

Trauma can damage to both the brain and the body, doctors say.


Why the old way of parenting no longer worksOpen in a New Window

Authoritarian parenting worked in the past, but it's ineffective for today's young ones.


New approach to Alzheimer's fight: Diabetes drugsOpen in a New Window

Trials of diabetes drugs in Parkinson's patients have shown good protective effects.


What happens when you call the suicide prevention hotlineOpen in a New Window

Suicide rates have risen among men and women, across all age and ethnic groups and in nearly every state.


Support For abortion rights wanes as pregnancy progressesOpen in a New Window

While a majority of Americans support legalized abortion in early pregnancy, most oppose it in the later stages.


Could your medications be making you depressed?Open in a New Window

Many commonly-prescribed drugs may increase the risk of depression.


The serious reason you need to sleep in the darkOpen in a New Window

Study reveals that having a light on while sleeping can raise your risk of metabolic diseases.


Making sense of suicide when there were no signsOpen in a New Window

Saying suicide is preventable isn't always fair to suicide loss survivors.


Screen time linked to insomnia and depression in teensOpen in a New Window

Teens who spend a large amount of time in front of a screen have higher risk of sleep issues, which in turns leads to a greater risk of depression.