OCPA Member Benefits

Promotion of Psychological Services

  • Public listing-  When an internet search is conducted, the public finds OCPA as one of the top websites on all search engines.

  • Our Directory Search is robust-  The public may conduct a directory search on the OCPA website and find your personal page. Your personal page may contain your photo, specialties, contact info and office locations. In addition, you can link your outside personal website directly to your OCPA personal page. 

  • Low fee mental health services listing-  This is a specific directory search so that the public may find low fee services quickly and easily. If you offer low fee services, be sure to indicate this on your profile. 

Member-to-Member Connections

  • Listserv- Our listserv makes it easy to connect with colleagues for announcements, requests, and questions. For example, postings can include notices about OCPA events, referral requests, ethical questions, or concerns about legislative initiatives.

  • Social events- We hold many social events for OCPA members throughout the county. Check the home page and calendar for the latest events.

One-on-One Mentoring

  • Just for you- Grow your strengths and support your weaknesses by partnering with another psychologist. Learn more about whatever topics interest you, create deeper relationships with fellow psychologists, and perform at a higher level. Those who mentor and are mentored have been shown to become more confident, competent, and knowledgeable.

  • Easy to set up- We regularly invite members to join our one-on-one mentorship program, and keep a tally of those looking for mentors and mentees. Shoot us an email, and we'll do the work of finding a matching mentor for you.

Graduate Students/Early Career

  • Graduate Student/Early Career mentoring opportunities

  • Board Membership- There are opportunities for both graduate students and early career therapists to hold positions on the OCPA board. This is an excellent opportunity to gain leadership experience and build your resume.

  • Free CE Workshops for students-  Many of our continuing education opportunities are absolutely free for students!

The OC Psychologist

  • OCPA’s newsletter is published four times a year. The current issue is available only to members, while our archive of past issues is open to the public.

  • Featured psychologist-  Each issue features a spotlight on a psychologist for all members to see. This is another great way to advertise your services.

Continuing Education

  • CE discounts-  As a member, you will automatically receive a discount for OCPA CE workshops. Be on the look out for early bird specials too! 

  • Discounts are also available for online workshops with Zur Institute, TDK, and Professional Psych Seminars.

Advertising Opportunities

  • Website and newsletter advertising-  You can advertise your business on both our website and the OC psychologist. Advertising is free for members.

  • Classified Ads- You can list office space, services and miscellaneous items in our classifieds for free as a member.